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Zofie King

Title: Halle Leipzip Transfer Station

Media: found objects, fabric

Dimensions: 24” x 22” x 20” Year: 2019

Price: $350

Title: Hierarchy of Needs

Media: found objects, acrylic, transfers, plexiglass, fabric

Dimensions: 48” x 26” x 12”

Year: 2016

Price: $3,500


Artist Statement: 

             In my work I delve deeper into my fascination with psychology, particularly how perceptions and beliefs influence human behavior and, in effect, create reality. I examine these phenomena by crafting narrative vignettes, applying visual layers that contain scientific and superstitious facets. Divided drawers and boxes serve as polyptychs (artworks with multiple sections), highlighting different elements of a story in separate compartments, a technique I borrowed from Medieval Gothic art. I reflect on how these containers can function to hide secret contents and yet have the potential to reveal them.
             Primarily an assemblage artist, I use materials that relate to the specific story I am trying to convey. Found objects from bygone times, mixed with those found in nature, are meant to evoke a cabinet of wonder effect, but each object represents a key narrative element, as does the photographic imagery I include.


             My background in interior design has been a great influence on the work I make today. Putting together design boards, I would use lush fabrics, multiple textures and rich colors against a black background. This is very much an approach I still use. 


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