Monica Stroik

Title: Threshold 

Media: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 29” x 96”

Year: 2019

Price: $2,800

Title: Infrastructure 

Media: Oil on wood panel

Dimensions: 36” x 48” 

Year: 2019

Price: $4,500

Title: Brain Pixels

Media: oil on wood panels

Dimensions: Set of 15, 10” x 10” each

Year: 2018-2019

Price: $3,000

Title: Listening

Media: Oil on panel

Dimensions: 24” x 36” 

Year: 2015

Price: $2,200

Title: Watching 

Media: Oil on panel

Dimensions: 24” x 36”

Year: 2015

Price: $2,200

Artist Statement:

             I create paintings that often reference the natural organic environment in relationship to a man-made structured environment. My father and two brothers are architects, so I am drawn to the language of line, shape, and space, towards the real physical spaces we occupy. Working in series, my paintings focus on using color and shape to decipher the perception of depth, the intersection of flattened spaces, as well as exploring meta consciousness. My  work can be site specific  – two of the includes works are of the former Artisphere ballroom, and Infrastructureis NDSM, the old shipping yard in Amsterdam. 

Site specific paintings reflect thinking metacognitively. I am  constantly intrigued by the power of our thinking minds. How we can stand within a room and see the outside of the building. Or stand outside looking at a façade and envision the room within we were in a year ago. The power of memory, the lack of memory, the additions to memory. Like an implied line, the architecture of the mind fills in the missing pieces. 


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