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Yaroslav Koporulin


Title: Caulk Painting

Media: Caulk and Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 48” x 96” x 6” 

Year: 2015

Price: $2,000


Title: Red Curtains

Media: acrylic and charcoal on wood, diptych 


44" x 24" x 3" each

Date: 2015 

Price: $2,400


Caulk Painting

(full installation,

side view)

 Artist Statement: 

With the use of metaphorical settings, objects, and characters, I create my own mythology inspired by history, a rise and fall of power structures, and conflicting intricacy of human existence in the world.  Growing up in post-Soviet Moscow, I witnessed a dramatic transformation of Russian life and culture. People were thrust into a new, unknown, capitalistic model. These societal changes moved me to explore in greater depth an individual’s path to self-recognition and rediscovery. 


On one end doors were open to new information about western culture and lifestyle. But at home, the entire economic system was broken. For many of us suddenly Soviet living reality was screaming nation-wide poverty with its ugly 80's poorly assembled, pre-fabricated concrete apartment buildings, shortage of food causing 6+ hour-long lines at the grocery stores.

Spaces we occupy or abandon are the great material to reflect on the economic conditions and societal health. After moving to the US and letting the euphoria settle a bit I started to notice the same type of financial and societal unrest. I’ve always been interested in places of uncertainty, places in-between cultures, stability, and identity. On my walks through transitional neighborhoods of DC, I often observed residents being evicted, their homes taken down. Some gentrification signs were: vacated buildings with the empty open windows and left behind curtains flapping in the air. One of such observation led to my diptych “Red Curtains.” 

There will be new, often faceless, but “luxury” condominiums built in place of those buildings for poor DC residents, but before they were gone they shared their story with me and I reflected on it.


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